Lazy Frog Booking has partnered with Cruise Direct to get the best deals on cruises from ports all over the world.  Cruises are the best way for discovering new and exciting places, and savouring the local cuisine from exotic locations!

If your travels have you departing from Australia, or New Zealand, we have top cruise lines serving the area.  Additionally, you’ll be exploring exotic destinations, dining in luxury, in top restaurants aboard the best cruises in the industry.  


MSC Cruises

Welcome Aboard Disney Cruises!

Need to book a flight, or travel insurancemake sure you check out our other pages for the best deals.  Looking for that special item to take to on board or do you need some new luggage? Try out our extras page for marked down prices on just about everything. 

Walt Disney and Lazy Frog have partnered together to provide you and your family with great prices on hotel and park entry ticket prices!

MSC Cruises


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